Viking Tactics Rail-less Swivel Mount
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The Viking Tactics Rail-less Quick Detach Sling Swivel Mount allows you to configure your VTAC free float tube to be as sleek and light weight as possible. No need to add rail sections to attach sling mounts. Simply attach the RSM Rail-less Sling Mount to your VTAC Alpha Handguard or VTAC Delta Rail and you are in business. This system also allows you to place the sling mount in the 11 or 1 o'clock position on the VTAC Handguards. For those that prefer to quickly move attaching points this is the answer, attach two VTAC-RSM's where you need them and you are ready to go. Snag free, light weight, and proven by the VTAC Staff.

Pricing is for RSM only, all other accessories must be purchased separately.

  • Item #: VTAC-RSM
  • Manufacturer: Viking Tactics
  • Condition: New

Viking Tactics Rail-less Swivel Mount

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