UCO Original Candle Lantern Kit
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Enjoy the soft glow of candlelight on your outings with the Uco Original Candle Lantern kit. The kit includes An Original Candle Lantern, a 3-pack of 9-hour white candles, and a fleece bag for storage.


  • Lantern is super easy to use—just slide the glass down, light the exposed candle and you're good to go
  • Clip the included reflector to the top edge of the lantern to direct the light to where you need it most; reflector weighs only 0.3 oz.
  • Compact lantern is ideal for backpacking and home emergency kits; it collapses down to 4.25 in. in height for compact storage
  • Includes a single candle that provides up to 9 hrs. of warm light
  • Viewing slot on the side of the lantern lets you monitor the slow-burning candle to see how much is left
  • Spring-loaded system keeps the candle at a consistent height
  • Pack the lantern in the included impact-resistant neoprene Cocoonâ„¢ case; it helps prevent scratches, dents and broken glass while you're transporting the lantern
  • Hang the Uco Original Candle lantern up or carry it around camp with the metal handle
  • Item #: UCO-CLK
  • Manufacturer: UCO
  • Condition: New

UCO Original Candle Lantern Kit

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