Mil Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Shear Pouch Plus
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Based on MSM's simple shear pouch, they decided why not go ahead and add on elastic loops to allow holding of a tourniquet as well. The loops are a nice snug fit good for holding popular tourniquets such as the CAT and SOF-T. Due to the layout change, the security strap is now VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® based which releases easy while still providing a good hold.

A color matched Malice clip is included for mounting, however NO shears or tourniquets are included.

Approx  2" x 6.5" (including strap) Made in the USA by Tactical Tailor.

  • Item #: MSM-SPP
  • Manufacturer: Mil Spec Monkey
  • Condition: New

Mil Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Shear Pouch Plus

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