Mil Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Bottle Corset
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Since there are different bottle types out there, a versatile pouch is needed! The MSM Bottle Corset design concept is to be a bottle holder that is very size flexible and built military tough. It can hold 32oz bottles such as the Nalgene while being adjustable down to small 12oz bottles. Being highly customizable, how the cords are routed allows the user to suit ease vs security needs; the bottom flap even allows for additional height adjustment. When not in use, the pouch can be stored flat and alternatively can hold other gear such as rifle magazines. The default cord routing has less power near the bottom to assist in one hand operation, but the user is encouraged to experiment adjusting both the cord routes and jump strap.

Made by Tactical Tailor in the USA, Malice clips are included!

**Accessories shown in photos are not included**

  • Item #: MSM-BCT
  • Manufacturer: Mil Spec Monkey
  • Condition: New

Mil Spec Monkey/Tactical Tailor Bottle Corset

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