Mil Spec Monkey CT Tac MOD Pistol Lanyard
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Not everyone wants a pistol lanyard, but if you go hands on a good deal in your line of work they can be a handy tool to not only prevent loss of your pistol, but help prevent being shot by your own pistol as well. This MOD version sports a single 1" SRB connection with webbing loop.

The loop can interface with most carabiners and with some heavy effort will fit in the ITW Grimloc webbing slot. Without the loop the male SRB portion will interface will many other 1" ITW connection points such as a repair buckle, QASM, or surface mount. All materials are still heavy duty including the beefy coil. Feel free to get creative, these work great for attaching to gadgetry or tools too.

Made in the USA

*Webbing loop connection is included, but no other extra hardware.

  • Item #: MSM-CTM
  • Manufacturer: Mil Spec Monkey
  • Condition: New

Mil Spec Monkey CT Tac MOD Pistol Lanyard

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