ITW G-Hook Waveloc-Pack of 3
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One solid stamped piece of color finished carbon steel. Designed to meet the needs of OEMS and end users that desire the lowest possible profile, yet retain a high level of strength/tensile load. Offers many possibilities as a modular system, perfectly suited for securing round or tubular accessories or as replacement for traditional larger hardware. The G-Hook can be used in place of a traditional plastic buckle in many situations, lowering the profile of your attachment hardware.

Built-in ladderloc on the Waveloc model feature allows 1" webbing to be fed through and provides anti-slip properties once adjusted to the desired position. Easily installs and/or removes on all MOLLE/P.A.L.S. webbing. No springs or pins and the low profile enhances anti-snagging qualities.

Made in the U.S.A. by ITW.

  • Item #: ITW-GHW
  • Manufacturer: ITW Military
  • Condition: New

ITW G-Hook Waveloc-Pack of 3

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