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HSGI X2R TACO Double Rifle Magazine Pouch

The Next Evolution in HSGI's extremely popular TACO series of Pouches. Like the original TACO will handle any type of Rifle Magazines thrown at it. Able to carry 2 Magazines in a single Pouch eliminates the need for double stacking TACO's.

  • Maintains a positive grip on the magazine

  • Adjustable shock cord for multiple magazine types
  • One piece of 4 layer laminated Cordura Nylon

  • Two plastic brackets separated by an HDPE sheet

  • HDPE Sheet and Cordura has 1" webbing sewn on to facilitate the use of bungee retainers if desired (not necessary to retain magazines)

  • Loop Velcro sewn on inside to use with self adhesive hook velcro for additional magazine retention option

Covered by HSGI's Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA. MALICE Clips Included.


  • Item #: 112R00
  • Manufacturer: HSGI
  • Condition: New


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